Simple Math: Big Data – Big Focus = Big Failure

As technology advances allow us to analyze every aspect of business operations, many companies are inundated with data. Although we celebrate the advances in technology, this “data revolution” has also blurred the line between valuable insight and mundane non-value added information. As a result, many companies are now buried in indecipherable numbers. To successfully pierce through the mountains of useless data and focus on the strategic insights, it is critical businesses have the tools to translate heaps of distracting data into useful information.

Customer Service Above and Beyond – in the Cloud

Last week I attended the excellent CXPA Insight Exchange conference in San Diego.  CXPA is the Customer Experience Professionals Association.  At Kronos, I'm responsible for our voice of the customer program, and always welcome the opportunity to network and learn from peers in this profession.  I walked away from this conference with a few good … Continue reading Customer Service Above and Beyond – in the Cloud

Top Ten Rules for Keeping Customers Happy in the Cloud

In addition to my Workforce Institute responsibilities, I also manage the voice of the customer program at Kronos.  The image to the right expresses our core service message.   We do a great job with customer service at Kronos, and have the awards to prove it.  We keep it that way by by actively and … Continue reading Top Ten Rules for Keeping Customers Happy in the Cloud

To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

Workforce Institute board members Bob Clements and William Tincup joined me for a conversation about the current state of workforce management in the cloud.  Among the clients we work with at Kronos, this conversation has quickly progressed from a debate about whether  to manage their workforce technology in the cloud to when and how.  For leaders who've … Continue reading To Cloud or Not to Cloud?