People Analytics and Your Seasonal Workforce

Beyond just getting bodies onboard, leveraging this seasonal workforce can be a big competitive advantage.

Simple Math: Big Data – Big Focus = Big Failure

As technology advances allow us to analyze every aspect of business operations, many companies are inundated with data. Although we celebrate the advances in technology, this “data revolution” has also blurred the line between valuable insight and mundane non-value added information. As a result, many companies are now buried in indecipherable numbers. To successfully pierce through the mountains of useless data and focus on the strategic insights, it is critical businesses have the tools to translate heaps of distracting data into useful information.

Analytics – State of the Market

In this year’s annual list of top Workplace Trends, the Workforce Institute board predicted that analytics would turn a corner in 2015, with an increasing number of organizations expected to begin using analytics for evidence-based decision making in their workforce management practices.  Now that we’re halfway through 2015, we’ve invited two data experts on the … Continue reading Analytics – State of the Market

Podcast: Creating HR Analytics That Matter

Yesterday I chatted with our board members David Creelman and William Tincup about what organizations need to do to create HR analytics that matter to the business.  Big Data is one of the linchpins of the big 4 SMAC themes in technology today: Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud.  Deployed alone and in various combinations, these technologies continue to transform … Continue reading Podcast: Creating HR Analytics That Matter

A Conversation About Making Big Data Small

I recently had the opportunity to interview  Aram Faghfouri, senior data scientist at Kronos; Holger Mueller, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research; and David Wright, vice president of architecture at Kronos, about the challenges and rewards associated with making big data small.  Everybody's talking about Big Data, which is increasingly becoming a major … Continue reading A Conversation About Making Big Data Small

The Scientific Method isn't Just for Scientists

Today's guest post is by Sharlyn Lauby, the HR Bartender and a member of the Workforce Institute board of advisors.  Sharlyn writes about how the scientific method of investigation can be applied to solving problems in a business environment.  This topic is near and dear to my heart as I was a scientist and science … Continue reading The Scientific Method isn't Just for Scientists

2014: The Year Social HR Matters

Today's guest blog post is by our board member, Jeanne Meister.  Jeanne is a Partner at Future Workplace and co-author The 2020 Workplace Book.  In this post, Jeanne talks about the rise of social technologies in HR.  We agree, and in fact we're embedding social capabilities within our workforce management solutions.  Read the article below and … Continue reading 2014: The Year Social HR Matters

The Future of Big Data (Podcast)

Today I discussed the implications of big data for workforce management with our board member, David Creelman and a Kronos expert on workforce analytics, Kristen Wylie.  David Creelman is CEO of Creelman Research and does writing, research and speaking on the most critical issues in human capital management. He also  leads a community of practice … Continue reading The Future of Big Data (Podcast)